First of all, thanks to everyone who’s downloaded Comic Chameleon to their iPhones, iPods and iPads!  And thanks to all you Android users waiting patiently (or otherwise) while we explore our options for expanding to your devices too!

The response to the app since our launch, from both fans and the artists in our opening day lineup, has been incredible.  Fans are telling us all the time how much we’ve re-kindled their love for webcomics, and our artists are reporting plenty of new readers who’ve discovered their comics through the app.  We couldn’t be happier with how everything’s gone!

Actually, check that; what’d make us even happier is to PUBLISH EVEN MORE WEBCOMICS.  That’s been our goal all along, of course.  Now that we’ve made it out the gates without our servers completely melting down, let me tell you about our plan to add more comics to the app!

First: New comics coming soon!

We’ll be adding a handful of new awesome webcomics in the coming weeks, who, like the comics in our original opening day lineup, are either our pals or among our personal favorite comics.  We’ll be announcing them individually and rolling them into the app one by one… starting with our first new addition:


Surviving the World by Dante Shepherd!

StW will be coming at you in our app 7 days a week starting on Monday, June 3, with a new photo-lesson focusing on all shades of life, from science to literature, politics to sports, romance to religion, and everything else in between.  Note: we’ll be starting by publishing Dante’s current and future updates only, and we’ll fill out his back archive in the app when we’re able to.

Stay tuned for our other new additions in the coming weeks!  Follow us here on Tumblr, or on Twitter and Facebook.

Second: Limited invites to artists to self-publish with our tools

We’re currently using a suite of proprietary tools to prepare and publish our current comics, which feature all sorts of ways to cut up each image into individual panels for that awesome panel-to-panel viewing in the app.  We’ve got everything from a mouse-based marquee select tool, to keyboard controls, to re-usable templates (think Dinosaur Comics), to even a slick one-click edge detection algorithm (for those comics with well-defined panel borders).

They still need plenty more TLC before they’re ready for public use, though, and we’re working hard on that right now.  When they’re close to ready for prime time, we’ll be widening our reach a bit further and sending out invitations to a limited pool of other webcomic artists who’ll use the tools to publish their comics to the app.  We haven’t decided exactly how big this pool will be, but a totally wild, wild guess would be between 10 and 20.  We also don’t have a time frame on this stage right now; just know that we can’t wait to get there.

Note that the new comics in this pool will be drawn heavily from those that have submitted applications to us for publication, so if you’d like to be considered for this stage, please get your submission in today!


After we’ve got all the new comics from stage two preparing their own comics and publishing them in our app, and we’ve made whatever improvements to the tools that are needed based on their feedback, and everything is humming… we’ll fling our doors wide open and invite everybody who’s interested in publishing with us to join the party.  I mean, we might need to build some sort of extra maintenance system to deal with the logistics of going from 40 titles to 1,000 (including of course favorites and filtering), but you get the idea.  MOAR WEBCOMIXZ RAWRRR

Again, no time frame on this, but holy cow we can’t wait to get to this point and be able to publish all the amazing comics out there.

Please follow us here on Tumblr, or on Twitter and Facebook, why don’t ya?  And thanks again for all your patience, enthusiasm and support!



  1. moosespringsteen said: I can’t wait until there are all the comics. Will be able to sort them so our favorites are on top/a favorites tab? I don’t want to exclude any comics but I want to read my favorites first then the other 1,000.
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